I will optimise your site's performance, discovery, multimedia, device access and integration, but first: let me tell you why?


Optimise Performance

Performance is a feature. Deliver your content to users as quickly as possible. Once they're on your site, make page interaction and rendering as smooth as possible.

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  • Critical Rendering Path
  • Optimizing Content Efficiency
  • Rendering Performance

Improve Discovery

Websites are not only browsed by humans but also examined by crawlers built by companies like Google thus play a major role in your site's search engine rankings.

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  • Control Appearance on Social Sites
  • Search Engines
  • Indexing and Crawling

Streamline Multimedia

Images, video, and audio engage users, but they also drive users away when they don't fit, don't load, or the page renders slowly. Attract users by optimising your multimedia content.

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  • Optimize Images for Performance
  • Provide Alternatives for Legacy Platforms
  • Customize the Video Player

Enhance Integration

There are a surprising number of ways to integrate with and access features on the user's device, from geolocation and device orientation, to accessing the dialer and SMS.

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  • Native App-like Functionality
  • User Geo-Location
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